3 Weeks in Kunming, China (in photo)

View from our kitchen window

Hot red peppers drying on the porch

Sunbathing peanuts

Longmen (Dragon’s Gate)

Aerial view of Kunming after dark

My uncle praying to the Gods

My "big aunt," "big uncle," me and "middle aunt"

Cheng Jiang

Cheng Jiang (river)

Mahjohng on the pebbled beach


Panlong Buddhist Temple 

Incense and other goods to be burned in honor of the gods sold at roadside

Panlongsi from a distance

On the road, people and scenery

He overcharged for those fat, juicy grapes.

Yunnan soil is red.


Whacking grains


One Comment on “3 Weeks in Kunming, China (in photo)”

  1. […] last photo is one of my favorites that I’ve taken since I’ve been in China. Too bad his grapes […]

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