Let Me Introduce Some Family

My cousin Deng Yaxing (Cindy) is a high school student in Beijing. She studies classical voice with my mom. This is her, my dear 16 year-old cousin performing in a bar:

Isn't she cool?

This is Yaxing having some tea and beer with her biggest fans: her parents, my “small uncle” and “small aunt,” and my mom (left to right):

This is a more accurate portrayal of my uncle (Xiao jiujiu):

This is my other cousin, Jing E (“Golden Swan,” but she goes by her real name Yang Yanhao) daughter of my “xiao yi” (another aunt):

She looks different when she lets down her hair:

Jing E is the beauty queen of the family

When Jing E came to visit, we went to an amusement park and the Water Cube at the Olympic Green (Park).


You can't visit a new place without getting a caricature done!

The Water Cube

Call me Grandma. I can take it. I went down that water slide!

This is a sign I came across when leaving Olympic Green. My Chinese name is jumbled (何茵茵). Also, notice the sentimental translation:

I promise to never trample you, dear Tender Fragrant Grass!

When we’re hungry, we have many options to choose from:

Option 1: Scorpions (?) and silkworms

Option 2: Seahorse

Option 3: Meat buns (Xiao Longbao)

We went with option 3.

I forgot to mention my mother’s birthday was on the 22nd. Like most events, we celebrated by sharing a huge meal with family friends. But a birthday is never complete without a cake, no matter how stuffed to the brim of vomiting you are.

Yes, she's only 5.

Let me also introduce my dad, who graciously passed down his most vibrant features onto me: the round nose and face. Thanks, dad.

Samurai He

And for my friends, this is what I’ve been up to when I’m not eating, or screaming from a rollercoaster, or traveling to even farther away places:

I'm hula-hooping!

and making friends! (For those who don't know me, I have a terribly goofy side. My mom hates when I pose like this in photographs)

Finally, I’m also tip-toeing on curbs and burning my retinas in attempt to capture beautiful Beijing moments like these:

Looks like this city isn’t as bad as I remember from childhood…



2 Comments on “Let Me Introduce Some Family”

  1. love the birds in the last 2 shots…… more please!

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