May we meet again, Autumn.

Where are the yellow and orange leaves that pile up and line the streets? Where is the Autumn breeze that keeps me cool when the sun is overhead? Where is the clear blue sky? Where has my favorite season gone?

I was looking through other blogs when I realized that Autumn is practically non-existent in Beijing. Sure, the weather has cooled since summer but the leaves on the trees are not changing colors and the sky is still hazy. I have learned, however, not to expect much of the Beijing sky above; it’s always gloomy except when the fire-y red sun is setting.

The lack of Fall didn’t phase me until I saw photographs of golden leaves and talk of harvest. Sometimes ignorance really is bliss so I wouldn’t have to long for Fall! In fact, I had already started to prepare myself for the coming winter in November.

This is the first time I will be living without the four seasons; I have lived on the East Coast of America my entire life. Perhaps it is time for a change. Sigh… Farewell for now, Autumn. May we meet again.


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