Happy (belated) National Day of the People’s Republic of China!

I bid farewell to Autumn too soon because the very next morning, I walked out of my building and was graced with the cool breeze I’d been missing. Then, I looked up to see this:

Blue sky!! T’was a beautiful sight, and to my delight, the sky is still blue today (though a bit cloudier). I could even see stars last night on my home from the DJ Shadow concert at Mix Club.

My friend Dingding and I celebrated the National Day of the People’s Republic of China (Guoqing jie) with drinking games and dancing. I’m still getting used to the customs of bars in China where customers, rather than order one drink at a time like we do in America, order entire bottles of alcohol and dozens of bottles of beer for the table.

2 bottles of whisky, 2 cocktails, 6 bottles of red tea, and a plate of fruit.

Of course we didn’t drink it all! If we had, you would find me drooling in a corner of Sanlitun (the bar neighborhood) the next morning which would be wretchedly embarrassing. Instead, we drank as much or as little as we wanted, and stored the rest at the bar for next time! Isn’t that an interesting policy?

Coming back to the topic of National Day and weather, it has been looking a little like springtime in my neighborhood. I noticed in the weeks before the holiday, one of so many that is celebrated in this country, more Chinese flags hanging at entrances to residential communities and storefronts, and flowers artistically plotted in parks and courtyards. It is on rare occasion that the little greenery in front of our building is green.

The squiggly design is made of flowers!

Flowers in our neighborhood plaza


I almost forgot to mention the good news! I finally found a job, thanks to my friend Hannah! Starting on the 5th, I will be reading, editing and proofreading college admission essays written by Chinese students who want to go to American universities. That’s a huge chunk of Chinese youth. Everyone here seems to want to go to America while those who are already there seem to want a way out.  I guess I’m pretty lucky to have both options, though what I really want to do is see the rest of the world. There’s so much out there!!

The plan is, when my stay in China is over (whenever that will be) I will continue my travels to Southeast Asia, a corner of the world I have always wanted to visit.

Anyhow, enough babbling about future plans. I must plan for my next English lesson! I’m tutoring my mom’s music students in pronunciation! And I have to come up with a list of English names for one of my 3 students, whose name is Wangzi Yang. I’m thinking…Wendy? Wanda?


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