The Table of Life

The Table of LIfe

Why am I posting such a bleak photo of a mere wooden table?

Well, because the moment I took this photo was the ONLY time I have ever seen this table empty. At all other times, this table provides a space for neighborhood locals to gather. Once in a while, people lay their head for an afternoon nap or enjoy the quiet before the sun goes down. I often find it to be a haven for the elderly who bring playing cards or mahjong, and at night, a table light whose poles clamp onto 2 sides of the table and the light shines directly above the game. How clever! And how the Chinese enjoy their games! And how wonderful to have the constant company of friends and pets who patiently linger!

That’s why I dub this table “The Table of Life.” It really is the center of life for so many locals. Without people surrounding the table, it appears dank and insignificant. But when that light shines overhead (when I first moved to the neighborhood, I thought that light was permanently attached to the table), and the circle of spectators blocks site of the game, I can’t help but smile and think to myself, Nothing like the simple joys of life.

A deck of cards. A table light. A crowd of friends. Infinite happiness.


3 Comments on “The Table of Life”

  1. LIAM says:

    Do they play Go there?

  2. […] got up close to capture an epic head-scratching moment. And yes, this card game took place at the same table I’ve rambled about […]

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