Strolling through Tiananmen Square

After another unappetizingly large meal, my mom and I decided a stroll was in order. Instead of taking the routine path in our neighborhood, we hopped on a bus and then the subway to Xidan, where we would commence our stroll towards Tiananmen Square. This was Sunday, the day after National Day, when everyone from everywhere wanted to be in the same place: Tiananmen Square.

Our “stroll” turned into push, which of course turned into shove. It’s not often I get to take an unobstructed photo of Tiananmen!

Beijing is already an overcrowded city, but during national vacations, it really becomes “people mountain, people sea” (the literal translation of a Chinese expression “人山人海” that is equivalent to “a sea of people”).

"People Mountain, People Sea" = "人山人海"

I dare say the crowd exceeds that of Canal Street and Times Square, combined. Although, I have to admit, it’s quite exciting. In every corner, tucked amongst the crowd are goodies, more like junk, that tourists just  have to have. For example, candied fruit

Even mommy dearest has a sweet tooth.

and cotton candy.

spun roadside

I did not take pictures of corn on the cob, light-up horns, Chinese flag stickers, and other fun toys that were illegally profiting on sidewalks, because I was too busy taking pictures of lights! As much electricity as all the lights waste (not any less than other cities like NYC), they sure are pretty.


Chinese lanterns lined the street from Xidan to Tiananmen.

Entrance of a government building

Chairman Mao's monument in background

Guards on duty

This gentleman got in my way, but I thought it made for a nice photo anyway.

I, too, wish to be carried around by wagon when I reach that age.

Extreme sports at such a tender age...

This little girl above is not only a speed demon, she is a law-breaker! A criminal! This sign below clearly depicts no rollerblading allowed!

So what CAN I do? Breathe?!

Around the corner from Tiananmen Square is Wangfujing, a large shopping plaza soaring with people. The photo is blurry, but you get the picture!

The oldest and most famous department store my grandma frequented when she was my age.

With the music on full blast, the lights fully lit, and shiny ceramic pill cases piled high, how can anyone resist stopping in for a look even at 10:30 on a Tuesday night?

I haven't yet, but I plan on purchasing one of these fine T's which I will sport back in the US.

Have I convinced anyone to visit me in Beijing with these alluring photos yet? Anybody?

Perhaps after a few more posts. For now, I must get some rest before my first day of work tomorrow! Woohoo! Back to long morning commutes. Just like my days in Brooklyn.

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