At the Market (in Kunming)

Taro Flower

Fresh eggs (not sure of what bird)

Youngest butcher I ever saw

All my favorite parts

Mom carefully selecting our veggies which we are going to SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB before we cook

(See my previous post about why we are going to SCRUB SCRUB SCRUB!)

Pears fresh from the trunk

The next few photos are quite disturbing, so only move on if you have a strong stomach or watch Andrew Zimmerman’s Bizarre Foods on the Discovery Channel.

Man disturbing grubs peace for profit

How snug!

Grubs = delicacy = VOMIT!


6 Comments on “At the Market (in Kunming)”

  1. UKate says:

    Holy cow, what amazing photos! I can’t even imagine what all sorts of amazing dishes can be made from such fresh ingredients, though. (Possibly not the grubs – ick!) Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    • E. He says:

      Ick indeed!

      It is actually very difficult to decide what to get every time we go to the market because there’s just SO MUCH! In the end, though, our meals turn out quite deliciously every time.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! (I LOVE COMMENTS!)

  2. Michael says:

    Very interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing.

  3. mimo khair says:

    Oh, I love your pics. Just wish I did not look at the last one before bedtime 😉
    Have you been to a bird and insect market yet? There are all kinds of crazy stuff to photograph there!

    • E. He says:

      Thank you!!! And yes, the last few are quite disturbing…especially seeing them in real life. Ick.

      I haven’t been to a bird and insect market yet, but if there are lots of gross insects like the grubs, well……maybe just a peek.

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