Plentiful Pears and Other Fruits

My post yesterday about Yueyue was heavy, which is unusual for me, but it needed to be said.

Now, although I feel a bit weird about continuing my normally cheerful blog, it also needs to be done. Because after all, life goes on.

So, deep breath, I am still my fruitful self!

And that’s exactly what this post is about: FRUIT! Of all the things that are lacking in China, one thing there is always an abundance of is fruit in all shapes and sizes!

My first encounter with fruit was last month in Kunming. Some family and I went pear-picking, and it sure was plentiful…

plentiful pears

And an uncle in a pear tree..

mama pear

I never really thought about where or how pomegranates were grown, until I found this tree in front of my dad’s apartment:

Fruits of My Father's Garden (it doesn't actually belong to him)

Hawthorn Berries are sweet and very sour, good for juice

The rest of these photos are from all over, grown uncontrollably everywhere.

welcoming gourds


persimmon tree

Rambutan from the Maldives, similar to lychee in China

A fruit market in Kunming.

This last photo is one of my favorites that I’ve taken since I’ve been in China. Too bad his grapes were so overpriced.

The Man with Many Grapes


5 Comments on “Plentiful Pears and Other Fruits”

  1. As I live in central London getting hold of good quality pears, not those awful rock hard pears you get from the big supermarket chains, you know those pears, you buy them, take them home, and wait for weeks then when you turn your back on them they decide to rot! I think my 2 year old son is the only being I know who manages to scoff them and not complain! May I ask how old the pear trees are?
    The pears in your pictures look too good to be true, I nearly scoffed my iPhone ….

  2. Or perhaps I should just go to my nearest Chinese Supermarket, which there are many of in London, and spend my money on a more sophisticated pear…..

    • E. He says:

      You could go to the market, but remember, shipping takes time so those seemingly sophisticated pears may not be so at all! There’s a fruit stand on the corner of my street with grapefruit from “America” but I’m skeptical to buy it because by the time those grapefruits get to China and then to the random little fruit stand on the corner of my street the juices are probably sucked dry! But you can always try…didn’t mean to burst your bubble here.

  3. mimo khair says:

    Great! I especially love the last photo!

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