The Elderly Have it Good

The Chinese elderly, like children, always seem to find things to do. And they have so much fun doing it! With public parks scattered throughout every city and courtyards in every neighborhood, all you need is a few pals, a thermos of tea, some playing cards or mahjong, some music, and you’ll have yourself a ball!

The Knitting Club

Club Mahjong

Boys Club

Choir Practice


Dance of the Red Fan

Dance Class

Band Practice

Some prefer to just sit around and chat.

While the folks above are having fun, others still have to work.

Selling Chinese "hackey-sacks"

99 cent store

When the retirement age is 55, what else are you going to do?


4 Comments on “The Elderly Have it Good”

  1. Lovely pics…great perspective!

  2. Judith says:

    Love those pictures also. And here we are having debate about whether to raise the retirement age to 67 – yours is at 55?
    By the way please let me know when you write about education. You commented on a post of mine that you would be doing so. 😀

    • E. He says:

      Yes! 55! Can you believe it? Although, it would leave plenty of time to do the things you couldn’t when you were employed.

      And yes! I will definitely let you know when I write about education in China. It’s a topic that will take lots of time and thought so I need to set aside a good chunk of time to write that post. Thanks for remembering 🙂

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