No bills to pay. I should be grateful.

I have been feeling rather uninspired to write anything because I have been so monotonously busy. Yes. Me. Busy! This college-application-essay-editing job is wearing me down (it’s 9-6, a schedule I’m not quite used to and don’t think I ever will be), and it has only been a month. What an ungrateful whiner I am! 

Good news is, the company I’m working for now asked me to teach (a reason I moved to China in the first place–to teach). However, unexpectedly, they asked me to teach the U.S. History Subject Test (SAT IIs)!!!!! Gosh, I got a 2 on my AP exam–I’m not exactly U.S. History teaching material…but I’m going to work my butt off studying Barron’s #1 student recommended SAT II prep book from 2003 which is a load of un-detailed crap if you ask me.

Meanwhile, I’m also following along in Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. I don’t want my mind to be boggled by facts and figures; I want some context, man!

Also, the language school I’ve been harassing for an English teaching position finally emailed me for an interview this Wednesday. I must prepare an 8 minute lesson plan for any age group between 3-14 years. (Isn’t 3 a little young?) I’m going to plan a lesson on prepositions (under! over! across! behind! peekaboo!) for 10 year olds, but maybe they already know their prepositions…What do you think?

Before I stop rambling your eyes out, I need a little advice.

**What is the best way to teach SAT IIs? And to guarantee a boost of at least 50 points? Keeping in mind Chinese students are skilled memorizing machines who have already taken the test and achieved about 670 but anything less than perfect is just unacceptable to them–and their parents. OH, THE PRESSURE!


I almost forgot… HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It’s not celebrated in China, which is fine with me because I never know what to wear anyway!

This was me last year as the Women’s Bathroom Symbol:

Jett the blonder and preppier Greaser, Sonya the luscious lunchlady, and me, Emily the Chinese Bathroom Lady

I know, I know, I could’ve done more, like paint my arms, neck and face black, but I was lazy and figured my black hair would suffice (from the back?). I guess I could have at least tucked in my underskirt/posterboard! How indecent of me!



2 Comments on “No bills to pay. I should be grateful.”

  1. mimo khair says:

    nice to ‘see’ you 🙂 cut photo and entry!

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