How to Order at a Chinese “Farm-to-Table” Restaurant

As the course of nature would have it, the food must grow first before we can order it at a restaurant.

Farm machines.

Snow Pea shoots, a favorite of mine. Great in soup or lightly stir fried!

Airing out.

Once the food has grown and has been collected, it is transported both locally and to the city. In this case, Kunming. (These photos are from my trip to Yunnan, my mom’s neck of the woods).

I'm sure this guy doesn't deliver into the city.

Now, we are ready to order from some of China’s finest. Follow these easy steps and you’ll have yourself a most delicious meal!

1) Swoon at the assortment of veggies, proteins, grains, seafood, etc.

2) Deliberate amongst family members and/or guests (only one or two people usually decide what to eat for everybody. China’s not a democracy, obviously. Notice below that I am excluded from the ordering process).

"Hmm, so much yummy stuff! How to choose?! How to chose?!"

3) Find a seat, chat, open your appetite with some tea, and wait eagerly for your food.

And finally, 4) Voila! The meal is prepared!

Just kidding. It looks more like this:

(I never catch my aunt at her finest...)

and this,

Dried salty fish with really pointy, crunchy noses (mouths?). Not my favorite.

You see! Easy as pie! Cleaning off the plates is even easier! But losing the weight? Not so much.


4 Comments on “How to Order at a Chinese “Farm-to-Table” Restaurant”

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  2. Much more appetizing than The Dangerous Side of a Good Meal.

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