Chinese Spidermen

Whew! I hope they have good health/life insurance! That is quite a distance from ground. Window-washing might not sound so outrageous, but personally I would feature it on Dangerous Jobs (if they haven’t already done so). Before these guys, I thought hanging from the top of a building looked like fun, you know, like how Spiderman does it. Or how Diane, Bette and Goldie do it in my all-time favorite movie, The First Wives Club (I have seen this movie infinitely more times than any other, and yes, I’m admitting it).

I love you ladies. I’ve loved you since I was 8 years old. 


5 Comments on “Chinese Spidermen”

  1. mooselicker says:

    Vastly underrated job. They need their own holiday. Without them we wouldn’t have those beautiful views from thousands of feet up in the air.

  2. The image of the First Wives Club made me smile! Funny post, and that really does look like a dangerous job. Yikes. Hope it pays well. 🙂

    • E. He says:

      Yay, I’m glad I’m not the only First Wives Club fan!

      And yes, I hope they get paid well, too! Although, knowing a little better how China works, I doubt it. 😦

  3. […] mystery I solved today was how window washers (aka Chinese Spidermen) do their job: they sit on wooden planks wound tightly to a rope which a lady at the bottom holds […]

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