Missing Brooklyn

I had a Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha (my parents insisted) at Starbucks the other day while waiting for my flight at the airport. Normally, I don’t step foot in Starbucks, but the cozy couches and the Christmas decorations lured me in. That was the first moment I felt homesick for America.

I was disappointed they didn't have Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

Around this time of year back home, I would be walking out of my way just to step in piles of dry, crinkly leaves to hear the crunch, crunch, crunch under my boots. My roommate would probably be working on her stewed beef recipe or baking something delicious with Golden Girls or Christmas music playing in the background. Our apartment would be decked out in oranges, yellows and reds in preparation for Thanksgiving. I would be brewing up a Hot Toddie with fresh apple cider from the farmer’s market…

Just writing this is making my Brooklyn-sickness stronger. This is the best time of year to be in the States, and particularly in my former neighborhood, South Park Slope, where everything inside and out just feels so homey. I miss window shopping in the cold and stepping into one of the many cozy coffee shops to warm my hands and stomach with a hot cup of coffee. I miss walking down the block to my favorite neighborhood bar (Bar 718, if you’re ever in South Slope, you should pop over for a visit–you’ll feel at home in no time) for my typical whisky-ginger and a good chat with good people. I miss the smell of apple pie, the excitement for the holidays, the decorations, and even the music. I miss my backyard.

The most beautiful Red Shack in my backyard

One thing to be grateful for this holiday season, however, is that I will be spending it with my parents. I can’t remember the last time I spent Thanksgiving or Christmas with them. My mom moved back to China 6 years ago, my dad 4, but even when they were still living in the States, they always worked then. But life is about compromises, so I guess this year–and maybe the next–I will compromise the Hot Toddies, the decorations (I don’t know where to find a pumpkin around here!), the crunch, crunch, crunching, the apple pies, and the strolls in Brooklyn for time to spend with mom and dad. That’s what the holidays are all about after all–family! This winter won’t be Park Slope homey; it’ll be a different kind of homey, but that’s just as well.

Besides, I can still watch Love Actually.

Photo credit: http://millefiorifavoriti.blogspot.com/2011/11/autumn-in-park-slope-brooklyn.html This blogger captures in photo precisely the stroll I was reminiscing above. Take a look!



6 Comments on “Missing Brooklyn”

  1. Nice shack! I would like one just like that at the bottom of my garden, somewhere to hide and drink coffee and read deep books, and wear a chunky jumper n hat combo……… Sorry, getting misty eyes on your behalf…. Brooklyn at christmas time must be nice…..

    • E. He says:

      I have to admit, the shack is nice on the outside, but I wouldn’t rest up inside because there are lots of spiders and other creepy crawlers I don’t want to know about…but hiding and drinking coffee somewhere wearing a jumper sounds nice!

  2. Pat says:

    Thank you for asking for permission to use my photograph. I can imagine how you would miss Brooklyn any time of year, but especially now that the leaves are so colorful and there is a crisp nip in the air. It’s nice you can keep connected to Brooklyn by reading blogs 🙂 Keep in touch!

    • E. He says:

      Thank you letting me use your photo! Your post illustrated exactly what I was talking about in mine! Thanks for reading my blog 🙂 and I look forward to reading more of yours to remind myself how awesome New York is!

  3. occultoantonio says:

    you’re very good to tell your impressions. It’s cool what do you are doing.

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