Rambling About Love, or Lack Thereof

Tonight I went out for the first time in a while. It’s only 11:45 p.m. Beijing time, so you can imagine how unexciting it was, but it was a momentary high I’ve been lacking lately.

On the cab ride home, my friend and her boyfriend were “discussing” marriage in their drunken state. My friend, who I’m going to call Lucille, is my age–23. Lucille kept asking her boyfriend, 26, when he would take her hand in marriage so that she could finally stay out all night, or spend the night with him. I asked why she couldn’t move out of her parents’ house before marriage, but she only shook her head, “no.” I guess as modern as China is getting, many aspects of tradition are still intact–the role of women being among them.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve only been in a serious relationship once, and it ended horribly–HORRIBLY–the idea of marriage is as shocking to me as Brad Pitt leaving Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie (is that that shocking, actually? Angelina is prettier.). No, I think the idea of marriage is shocking because I’m still 23 and have so many things to accomplish before settling down with someone. There is no doubt that marriage works out for some people my age and I’m genuinely happy that soul mates exist, I just hope my soul mate doesn’t show up till I have more checked off my to-do list.

This past summer, a family friend suggested that I get married soon. I’m closing in on my mid-20’s but come on! I’ve barely grown out of the training bra of childhood! I’m still new to life and its complicated facets that bring heartache, love and disappointment, feelings that I’ve only just begun to experience! Heartache stinks and disappointment hurts, but I’m eager to know what it’s like so I can learn how to avoid it in the future. As for love, I’m still waiting for the next round.

I’m in no hurry, although being around Lucille and her boyfriend makes me wonder when my own loverboy is going to come around. Maybe springtime, the season for love. Or is that summertime? I can’t remember. Maybe it’s reversed in China, like the clock. Maybe love blooms in the wintertime in the east. Oooo that’s soon!

But like I said, there’s no hurry. For now, I’m patiently waiting, unexpecting (because things tend to happen when you’re least expecting. Funny and frustrating how life works.). Anyway, I’m going to sleep on these thoughts and leave you with a classic which I found quite fitting:






8 Comments on “Rambling About Love, or Lack Thereof”

  1. Love is tricky, marriage is like plate spinning.
    And as you say, you are only 23 so don’t fret.
    Its like a sledgehammer to the chest when it happens though……

  2. And just in case you need reminding…

    Cake – I Will Survive – YouTube


    • E. He says:

      HAHA Thanks Alan!

      Also, I’d like to add that I was a bit in a drunken state myself when I wrote/rambled that post, so I’m a bit embarrassed now that I’m rereading what I wrote/spewed.

      • Alan says:

        Never appologise, never explain.
        The true ramblings always seem to reveal themselves under the cloak of booze, I have done this many times, and in various forms of communication.
        I found it all very sweet ( in a non patronising way ), just keep an eye on my blog, it will definitely happen now the silly season looms!

      • E. He says:

        Thanks for all the kind words you’ve been sending me since I started my blog! I think you’re my most loyal fan and I’m so grateful!!!! It’s Thanksgiving today, which makes it the perfect opportunity for me to THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR ENTERTAINING SUPPORT!!!!!!! It’s nice to have a new friend 🙂

      • Even though I am unacustomed to Thanksgiving, I will salute you on that! Likewise on the Blog front, let’s keep it going you give a wonderful insight into where you are and how you feel, which is wonderful
        A large big up to you too….

  3. occultoantonio says:

    marriage is for couples, love is for the braves 🙂

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