Cruising Down the Yangtze

Another highlight of my trip to Chongqing a couple of weeks ago was the boat ride along the cityscape. The port at which the boats are anchored is where two great rivers of China–Yangtze and Jialing–intersect.

The boats are quite extravagant, and so is the lady who runs the boat above.

My parents and I were tricked into paying more money for a fancier boat (should it be called something else? Yacht? Ship? Chitanic?). The smaller one docked next to ours looked far more exciting.

My family is Chinese, but we’re a gullible bunch and fall for tourist traps all the time. Oh well, so our boat had chandeliers and spiral staircases and 80 yuan kettles of tea, at least it was a peaceful cruise.

Irony, or perhaps I should use the term disparity, runs this country. Here’s just one example:

Can you guess which boat I was on?

I’ll give you a clue, I was not on the same boat as this lady who was cooking up a small storm. Though I would’ve gladly given her a hand if I got something delicious to eat in return. I’d do anything for food, except light the stove with a match–I’m afraid of fire.

Anyhow, it was a short ride up and down upstream Yangtze, but I had a pleasant journey.


6 Comments on “Cruising Down the Yangtze”

  1. That chandelier is quite beautiful, and the lady who runs the boat, well, she looks very formidable …… I should not want to disagree with her!

  2. mooselicker says:

    This makes the Delaware River (the closest/biggest river to me) look even worse than I already thought of it to be.

  3. Looks like Chinese women and Texas women share something in common: The bigger the hair the more important you are.

    I once lit a water heater and nearly blew off my eyebrows. The guy trying to light it held the gas open or left it on or something (I am not good with the mechanics of water heaters) and when I stuck the lit match near it there was an explosion of fire. I never tried to light that one again.

    Back to the hair, another similarity: Women with big hair sit behind desks, women with flat hair and ponytails do all the work. Weird how little things like that are prevalent in all countries.

    • E. He says:

      Ha! My little cousin was setting off firecrackers once and it actually DID burn her eyebrows off!! I didn’t witness it, but I heard about it. At least her face is intact, phew! There’s a reason I stay away from anything firey… I like my hair. But not enough to make a tower out of it, no matter how important I am–and I’m pretty darn important–to my parents.

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