If I had a penny

for every time I saw someone pick their nose

I’d have an extra 365 yuan by 2013! (That works out to be about 100 nose-pickers a day=100 pennies x 365 days=365 yuan/6.2=$58.87)


19 Comments on “If I had a penny”

  1. If I had a penny every time somebody said, “like,” I would bury Bill Gates…especially if it’s in California. 😀


  2. Wow that many a day. I see why they dont shake hands and prefer to bow

    • Emily He says:

      Unfortunately, nobody bows in the big city anymore. We shake hands, and then I wash them profusely with soap. But sometimes I forget and then feel REALLY disgusting afterwards.

  3. Is this like a graffiti thing in China. Like the Obey thing was here? And if I like had a penny every time I caught myself picking my nose I would have like about 365 yuan too.

    Like my overuse of like?

    • Emily He says:

      haha like it’s a painting I found out strolling. It would make like totally awesome graffiti though. Like right? And yes, I’m catching on to the shameless nose-picking thing too. I’m fitting in.

      • I thought you meant the picture was everywhere. So you mean the Chinese are hardcore nose-pickers? I could fit right in. I’ll start working on my Fu Manchu and Mandarin immediately.

      • Emily He says:

        sorry for the confusion! although that would be a neat idea…but yes, the Chinese are fiercely avid nose-pickers. Fu Manchu! HAHA shouldn’t be too hard. looks like you’re way past it; just need a little trim!

      • Even more so past it now. My profile pic is pretty old. It’s been since August or September since I have shaved, haha. Too cold and too much work, plus laziness seems to come with my reclusiveness.

      • Emily He says:

        I totally understand. It’s for an added layer of warmth. That’s why I refuse to cut my bangs.

  4. mooselicker says:

    If boogers were made up of pennies then I’d be stinking rich. Especially in the winter. What’s with this dryness? It feels like there’s a penny in my nose some mornings.

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Great image! Where did you find it?

    • Emily He says:

      At a little art kiosk in Hou Hai in Beijing! I didn’t want to be rude and take a photo of a real person picking their nose, so this painting was the perfect substitute!

  6. Augis Barkov says:

    This is why some cars have black toned glasses – so that drivers can pick their noses without being disturbed.

    • Emily He says:

      NO WONDER! But actually, people shamelessly do it wherever they are: on the subway, in a store, at a restaurant, squatting curbside, walking, biking, walking with their partners while holding hands…need I go on? Tinted windows are for the self-conscious. The rest just doesn’t give a poop.

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