The End of Spring Festival. Hallelujah!

Today is Lantern Festival, the 15th day in the first lunar month and another one of China’s million holidays. Best of all, it marks the end of Spring Festival which means all the droning sounds of fireworks that reverberate through my bones can legally stop after tonight. Thank goodness. I’m tired of feeling my stomach turned inside out from sudden BOOM!s that explode in front, next to or behind me. Sure, fireworks are pretty. Pretty annoying. They’re nice from a distance, or on the 4th of July which happens only once a year. But these incessant explosions resonate through my neighborhood–and the entire country–and resemble sounds of what I imagine would be a war zone.

Fireworks are traditionally used in China to ward off evil spirits, but for a country that has been bombed in cruel quantity I’m surprised the explosions don’t cause a psychological fury among the older generations who lived through those years. Instead, it is probably more of a nuisance, or more likely they have drowned out the ruckus. As this is my first Spring Festival here, I’m still getting used to all the noise, but I can’t say I like it very much. The thunderous sounds startle me to the point where I feel a slight heart attack coming on. I don’t like thunder. I also don’t like fire, and fireworks cause fires all the time.

One guy was blinded, several homes caught on fire because sparks got in them (you can set off fireworks literally anywhere, like right outside my window), an outdoor market selling fireworks exploded. All shitty ways to start a new year. Hate to be Negative Nancy here people, but fireworks are dangerous. And they’re detrimental to the already hazardous air quality here. I’d like to live a little longer. No more fireworks, PLEASE! 

Here are some photos I took in between my complaining. I have to admit it is pretty cool to see fireworks from where I’m sitting, but my sanity can only handle so much.


Yeah. Imagine hearing that every second of your day. For 2 weeks straight. Mmhm. That’s what I thought.

Here's what I see walking down the street towards home.

View from balcony in Chongqing

Right next to us...mmmmhmmm that's how fires start.

Looks like a fire is starting already!!

I’ve posted some videos so you can feel the agony my ears are going through but also see the admittedly beautiful views from my window and rooftop.

(Don’t make fun. I laugh like a moronic hyena. A doofus. I sound happy in these videos because I was excited to see fireworks up close and I’m easily excitable. Obviously that enthusiasm has since faded.)

(Don’t make fun. I yell for “mommy” in the following video. Yes, I admit it. I still call my mom mommy and my dad daddy. I’ve been doing it since I could speak, and therefore got used to it and it stuck. I’ll probably still be calling them mommy and daddy when I’m a mommy. Deal with it.)

(Those of you reading this blog freshly published probably can’t see the last video because it’s taking FOREVER to upload onto youtube. Check back in 2 hours!! Apologies.)

12 Comments on “The End of Spring Festival. Hallelujah!”

  1. isabellart says:

    great post ! I always learn something new when I visit you !! Thanks 🙂

  2. That firecracker shits gets annoying really quick, if i wanted that kind of action and to be uncomfortably and salaciously groped in the shower I would have joined the armed forces or moved back to the ghettos.

    Either way great post!!!!! Like the person above said I always learn something from you 🙂

    • Emily He says:

      haha you crack me up. Anyway, thanks, and you should check out “the person above’s” blog! Isabella’s 10 years old and an AMAZING artist!!!! She’ll blow you away, I promise!

  3. Guy down the street blew his thumb off when a big firecracker went off in his hand. A week later, after he got out of the hospital he was back out in the street, playing with fireworks. Guess he didn’t learn his lesson. Spring Festival was fun and I did a lot of things but I’m glad it’s over and done with.

    • Emily He says:

      See! DANGEROUS! But people love it! I forgot to mention how expensive it is too. One pack of those fireworks is like 250 kuai. The amount of fireworks that exploded outside my window last night probably amounted to ten thousand US DOLLARS!!!!!

  4. SaptarshiC says:

    My sister and I laugh like that and yell for mommy when we see cockroaches flying around!

  5. SaptarshiC says:

    I wasn’t kidding on that last one.
    And I think war-zones are quieter than that. All the fireworks reminds me of Diwali and Kali Puja. It’s pretty much the same thing here with the noise. Thankfully, it lasts around a day or two.

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