What a Heart Attack Looks Like and Why China’s Obesity Rate is On the Rise

This month’s special at Mickey D’s: Double beef-patty burger, topped with two slices of “bacon”, a little greenery and a dollop of special sauce, all nestled atop a thick layer of buttery mashed potatoes. The meal includes a side of French Fries and a soft drink. Supersize it for a dollar more! All of this to your door for 27 Yuan, or $4.50. Now that’s a killer bargain!


24 Comments on “What a Heart Attack Looks Like and Why China’s Obesity Rate is On the Rise”

  1. Shit how many people have dropped dead from this?

  2. James Ozmun says:

    Amazing. I’m glad I went vegetarian. Six months now; not even mayonnaise. My philosophy is, “if I can’t pronounce the ingredients, I don’t eat it.”

    • Emily He says:

      Then you probably don’t eat a lot of Chinese food haha! And congrats on the vegetarianism! I lasted as a vegetarian for a whole year..I was so proud. Then, I had Chinese food and it ruined my streak.

  3. Give me conveinience or give me death…… yikes.

  4. Tamar Dart says:

    oh! Great topic. I’ve been taking pictures of the Mickey D’s deals, too. It’s sad. Some of the kids I teach love this stuff, and they are 10 years old.

    • Emily He says:

      Such a vulnerable age! Perhaps you can base one of your lesson plans around healthful eating! It would be interesting to show them that photo of the death-burger and see what they say about it…I wonder if they would actually go for it… Hmm I might try that myself!

  5. I champion the opinion that China is going to win, but now I’m beginning to wonder if America is fighting back. The new “cold war”, Kill em all with Big Macs. Well done America, well done. Or it could all just be some clever Chinese yellow-journalism (no pun intended) to lull America further into complacency. The future should be interesting.

    • Emily He says:

      It’s working…Chinese rollie-pollies slowly dying off as America rakes in the big bucks and continues to build up their army of iphone and Rolls Royce dealers ready to attack.

  6. daterofboys says:

    Get in mah belleeee!
    And then I’ll head to the gym for, like, a year…
    And still suffer a stroke next week, from the cholesterol contained in this monstrosity.

  7. Mashed potato on a burger… and I thought I had seen it all when I had a burger in Australia, with beet root. What will they invent next? [shaking in my boots]

  8. Try it. It’ll put hair on your chest.

  9. This is a rubbish burger – where’s the cheese? And who wants lettuce with their coronary?

    I’m part serious too – I like my burgers unmolested by vegetation, the BK equivalent – was mash potato, a “steak” like burger, mushrooms, onions, cheese, bacon and sauce and it was fab. It was more expensive though at 48 RMB for the meal.

    Then they took it away and replaced it with an ugly salad burger and I haven’t been back since.

    McD’s in China is really awful though – no quarter pounders and the ordinary burgers taste like cat food…

    • Emily He says:

      hahahaha that is an entire meal placed between two buns! I actually prefer McDonald’s over the other fast food restaurants because Mickey D’s has a tasty spicy chicken sandwich that they don’t have in the US. And sometimes they even have curly fries! Very inconsistent though…can’t trust that.

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