Emily is M.I.A. (yes, just like the Sri Lankan electro-pop star)

The reason I haven’t been posting/commenting/liking/responding to anybody is because I’ve been busy doing this:

Jumping for freedom at the Forbidden City,

getting my exercise on at the Great Wall,

curing my sweet tooth at the Summer Palace,

(not) getting lost with my best NYU-comrade (Lucia's visiting from Americuh),

and crowd-surfing at Chinese "rock" concerts. Just kidding. That's not me, but next time it will be.

A picture says a million words. I gave you a 5 million word explanation for my absence. I can get really, really, really, really wordy.

Anyhow, Lucia and I will be off to Hong Kong (29 hour train ride) tomorrow, then to Guilin (23 hours back), my momma’s birthplace. We’ll be back in 9 days, simultaneously pooped and refreshed!

Until then, my friends, as the 13 year-old-boy I used to AIM chat with said, “Love, peace, and hair grease”.

(Like my new shades? Got ’em today during our crazy shopping escapades which I’ll get into later!)

26 Comments on “Emily is M.I.A. (yes, just like the Sri Lankan electro-pop star)”

  1. Fun and excitement are always better than some blog posts. Looks like you have had a blast. Hope you continue to have one. Enjoy your NYU-comrade’s company and enjoy China and all its history.

  2. Looks like you’re having fun, enjoy!

  3. Take pic Lil Homey, glad to see you smiling and having a good time

  4. Guilin and Yangshuo were my favourtie places that I visited while living in China so I’m envious of your upcoming trip. You can see some of my photos here:

    • Emily He says:

      Oh my gosh! The sky is BLUE in your photos! It rained the ENTIRE time I was there, but I still got in some sightseeing. What beautiful places… I’m definitely going back when the sun is shining.

  5. Mooselicker says:

    That first picture is begging to be photoshopped. I don’t know of what exactly. I just see it in my head.

    Have fun you wild or crazy kid! (you can’t be both, too dangerous)

  6. Looks like you’re having some great adventures! Make sure you go to the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. Probably the best thing I saw there.

    • Emily He says:

      Adventures indeed! I DID go to Po Lin Monastery thanks to your advice, and even though it was really foggy so that I couldn’t see the Boddhavista’s head, it was still awesome. Overall though, I thought Hong Kong was awesome and SO far beyond my expectations.

  7. I’ve been to Guilin! I have such great memories of that trip… and the food mmmm yummy! But 23 hours by train?! First class I hope 😉 Are fares really high?

    • Emily He says:

      28 hours to Shenzhen, 8 to Yangshuo, 5 to Guilin, 25 back to Beijing. What a tiring trip. Airfare is quite high so my friend and I decided to take the train, which although exhausting, was quite exciting. Best part was we could stretch out and sleep! Must admit it’s good to be back in my big Beijing bed though….

  8. daterofboys says:

    Love the Great Wall shot!! Enjoy yourself, lady (and yes, you had better be the crowd-surfer next time)!!

  9. annaamazhang says:

    I hope you enjoyed your time in Hong Kong! I loved it! And my god 29hr train ride?? I didn’t know there was such thing but that is great and much cheaper I suppose? How did that go? I’m awfully curious 🙂

    Btw, I was suppose to go to Guilin next weekend but I’m going another weekend instead. It seems beautiful. Can’t wait to hear about them in your post!

    • Emily He says:

      I looooved Hong Kong! And I loved Yangshuo. When you’re in Guilin (I’m sure you’re going to do this anyway), but you should definitely hop on a boat that goes down the Li River to Yangshuo and perhaps stay a night or two there. That’s definitely where it’s hoppin’, because Guilin is just a city with not a lot going on. I hope you have so so so so much fun!

      • Emily He says:

        as for the train ride, it was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper, but obviously took a lot longer to get there. AND because tickets had sold out for direct trains to Hong Kong, we had to stop in Shenzhen and then take the subway to Hong Kong. We were kinda out of our minds, but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. In fact, the trains were quite comfortable and I could actually SLEEP!

      • annaamazhang says:

        Thanks for the info! I def want to stay in Yangshuo! Your pictures are inspiring me to go asap 😀

        Btw- how was the weather in Guilin/Yangshuo at the time? Misty, foggy, cold still? I’m just contemplating on which date to go on.

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