Spring: The Season of Love

Spring has arrived, in doses. It has brought a breath of fresh air and mighty winds that pave way for blue sky. Perhaps it can even bring me somebody to love. I was once told that Spring is the Season of Love; I believe them. I hope it can stay a little longer before the humid summer storms in.


2 Comments on “Spring: The Season of Love”

  1. b r says:

    Yes! Spring. Incidentally, I have been witnessing a colossal amount of relationships splitting and breaking up since spring started–including my own. Still doesn’t take away the beauty from this season.


    • Emily He says:

      I like your positive attitude, b! However, I could’ve remembered incorrectly — i DO have a terrible memory — so maybe summer is the season of love, in which case you still have a whole season to gear yourself up for something new and refreshing! Meanwhile, take in as much spring as you can. 🙂

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