Sunshiney Day

It’s one of those days where everything is dandy and not necessarily coming up roses, but pretty yellow weeds.

My view

The sun is up, the sky is blue, the pollen content is off the charts, the wind is strong and all the girls (including me) have to hold down their skirts because they didn’t wear the right underwear today.

I’m enjoying a very romantic moment by myself, waiting for my department’s International Friendship Day Picnic (yes, do laugh at this!), sitting in a little park on campus next to running water from a man-made pond, pondering the meaning of friendship and wondering if there will be enough food at the picnic. 

What a perfect afternoon…


10 Comments on “Sunshiney Day”

  1. lostnchina says:

    What’s the “right” underwear? Wearing any at all?

    • Emily He says:

      Good point. I suppose I could tell you what the “wrong” underwear is: the kind your mom gave you for New Years, the one you sent to a reader!!! (Am I remembering correctly?) but you’re right…to each their own! Sometimes I prefer granny panties because they’re so fitting to my personality (and butt size) but maybe to some those are “wrong”. And for me thongs are wrong because I don’t like wedgies. Thank you for reminding me though that everything is relative! Even underwear!!!

  2. Grace says:

    Where are all the people!?!?

    And speaking of butts, one of the technicians in my department just told me a funny story. She was hanging out getting an ice cream cone and dancing to the funky ice cream stand music, which made another woman laugh. All of a sudden the woman’s face turned to steel and she said “I’m peeing”, and the technician said “well stop then”, and the woman was like “I can’t”. So the technician shuffled close behind the other woman so she could get back onto her bike and go home without too many people seeing her butt. Now that’s buttalicious charity. And why they make adult diapers. They go great under skirts.

    • Emily He says:

      HAHAHA I hope one day I can be funny enough to make someone literally pee their pants! But I hope that doesn’t come from my dance moves…because my dance moves are NOT to be laughed at….

      There are no people in that park because it’s surrounded by trees in the middle of campus and people don’t know where it is! secret hiding places…. oh lala 😉

  3. Alice Meadows says:

    I’m so relieved it wasn’t just me who zoomed right in on the issue of what constitutes the right underwear! And I completely agree re thongs – give me granny underwear any day rather than a thong…
    Also, I’ve now got the song sunshiney day on my brain – argh!

  4. For the type of underwear I wear ive never had to worry about the wind, even with that said I do sympathize. its so awesome to see you posting again. I was grading papers and its 4:48 am and i stopped jsut to come on buy say hi and wish you well.

    Back to the grind

  5. Haha! As someone with seasonal allergies, I completely relate to this post 🙂

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