My Blooming Neighborhood




At the Flower Market in Kunming

On the street, a bouquet of nice flowers might cost about 20 Yuan, but at the flower market, it costs about 5. Good deal, eh?

These are said to absorb "poison" from the air, so it's great to have around if you recently painted your walls.

This old lady was selling a sad bouquet of wilting lilies. I just had to buy them from her because nobody else in the world would have paid for them! She was so old but determined!

The old man by the river better get out of there before he gets electrocuted!

Two Men Chatting, A Woman Unloading, and a Forest of Bushes

Blurry, but I liked them. You can tell by the way they are dressed that they are from a minority tribe of Yunnan.

We left the market with a trunk full of plants.